H. Moser & Cie. Open letter to Mr. Thomas Jordan

— The entrepreneurs from H. Moser Replica Watches wrote an open letter to Mr. Thomas Jordan, President of the Swiss National Bank.


Dear Mr. President,

I wanted to personally and publicly thank you, regarding your dramatic move releasing the minimum Swiss Franc exchange rate of 1.20 to the Euro.

When I woke up that morning I had a strange feeling. As I checked the news, I wondered, “What am I going to do today?” aside from our usual business in January. There was no new conflict, no big news about emerging markets slowing down, and thank goodness, no new terror attack.

I am an entrepreneur, and I own a small Breitling replica UK watch manufacture called H. Moser & Cie, based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Very Rare is our tagline at H. Moser & Cie. Very Rare, because we produce 1,000 cheap replica Brielting watches, we are entrepreneurs in an independent, family-owned business that employs 55 people, and because we are a manufacture in the true sense of the word, developing and producing our own ingenious fake Breitling watches.

As an entrepreneur in a small Swiss company, I like a challenge; whether it’s the pressure from the big luxury groups in supply or distribution. Or, a fight to do more with small budgets against the avalanche of big advertising and marketing. Well, today, Mr. President, your dramatic move helped step it up a notch: over 95% of our Swiss replica watches are sold to people outside of Switzerland, and the first retailers called the same day to cancel orders.

So this morning at 10:38 when my CFO sent me an email titled “Breaking News”, I thought “aha, finally something to do”. Something that forces me to find smart solutions to continue our growth and improving profitability and to ensure continuity for H. Moser & Cie. and the jobs for 55 people working for me.

In fact, one thought crossed my mind: why not just move 2 kilometres into Germany and continue business as usual in the EU? I’ll even beat that other restriction on permits for workers from the EU that came up in February 2014 – around 20% of my employees are German.

Let me make my appeal clear to you, on behalf of the many small and mid-size businesses that employ so many Swiss people: I trust you have a strong plan that will help all of us make it through with you over the long term. Because otherwise, with many other wonderful Swiss creations, H. Moser fake watches UK may just have become very, very, very rare.


Edouard Meylan

CEO of H. Moser & Cie.

Cvstos A statement on the wrist

— Amidst controversy surrounding actor Gérard Depardieu and financial turmoil in Russia, a new replica Breitling watches collection full of symbolism was unveiled in Moscow by Cvstos Genève – with a bang.

Sassoun Sirmakes, Gérard Depardieu, Antonio Terranova © Cvstos

A video teaser created the buzz. Gérard Depardieu’s emphatic invitation to a Moscow event introducing the new ‘Proud to be Russian’ cheap replica watches collection by Cvstos Genève went viral on YouTube: in a matter of hours, the 50-second clip registered over 200,000 viewings and generated polarizing comments – some harshly criticizing the legendary French actor, others firmly supporting such a fierce nationalistic display toward his adopted country.



Gérard Depardieu and the openwork dial of the ‘Proud to be Russian’ collection, featuring a double-headed eagle sculpted through an extremely thin laser beam.

© © Espiral do Tempo

As expected, most of the support came from Russia. And with the rouble alarmingly nose-diving, the press conference held in the Four Seasons Hotel on Red Square suddenly garnered further interest: everyone from the local press was there to hear what Gérard Depardieu had to say regarding the crisis over the currency and economics. Even though potential buyers of ‘Proud to be Russian’ timepieces became significantly less wealthy overnight, Cvstos had hit the jackpot in terms of media interest.

Russian spiritual strength

Gérard Depardieu filled the room with charisma and jumped on the opportunity before an audience eager to hear him voice his patriotic deed and condemn the sanctions imposed on Russia. “Russian luxury does not depend on the rouble; it depends on the spiritual strength of Russians and I think our spiritual strength will win out and everything will be fine, as long as we are left in peace”, he declared.



An animated Gérard Depardieu in Moscow with Cvstos CEO Sassoun Sirmakes and chief designer Antonio Terranova by his side.
© Cvstos

The concept of expressing the Russian pride through a highly symbolic timepiece impressed the French star, who in a previous interview in Brussels had told me that when he first met Sassoun Sirmakes he was immediately seduced by “the idea of a Swiss fake Breitling watches that means something that is our own, a timepiece close to my heart that can illustrate some sort of flagship and make me feel home when I’m travelling around the globe”.

A project beyond the collection

The insignia that turns each ‘Proud to be Russian’ timepiece into a patriotic symbol is a finely-cut Romanov double-headed eagle on an openwork dial adapted by chief designer Antonio Terranova to every timepiece of the collection: four versions of the automatic model (grey titanium, black steel PVD, blue steel, red gold), a flying tourbillon, a minute-repeater tourbillon and various jewellery versions.


Cvstos-Moscow-Proud to be Russian

Detailing of the ‘Proud to be Russian’ automatic black steel PVD version with 5N red gold highlights.
© Espiral do Tempo

A chronograph is also on the way, but maybe even more relevant will be special limited editions for Russia powered by historic Russian calibres completely overhauled and decorated in Switzerland. “We are currently looking for the right partner/investor to develop a movement decoration studio and an atelier d’horlogerie formed by watchmakers and movement decorators that could lead to larger scale projects, such as a manufactory”, Sassoun Sirmakes said.


The grey look of the Cvstos ‘Proud to be Russian’ automatic titanium/red gold version.
© WorldTempus / Miguel Seabra

In the aftermath of the ‘Proud to be Russian’ presentation, Sassoun Sirmakes was a happy man. “It’s been a great month for Cvstos’ brand awareness. In the past we focused more on the product and weren’t doing almost any communication/marketing but since we live in an era where ‘watchmaking’ has turned into ‘watchmarketing’, we just had to adapt”, states the brand’s young CEO. “The video was a bit provocative but generated quite a buzz. And the event was a success: Gérard was totally involved, he does love the replica Breitling watch and the ‘Proud to be Russian’ concept, plus he highlighted the collection perfectly for the Russian market. The conference room was full and we had around 70 journalists in attendance – ranging from mainstream newspapers to specialized fake Breitling watch media, along with fashion magazines, bloggers and various TV channels”.



Gérard Depardieu at the exhibition showing the full Cvstos Genève collection after the ‘Proud to be Russian’ press conference.
© Cvstos

While not having a direct commercial target, the event helped Cvstos rethink its distribution network and strategy in Russia. “The goal of our presentation was mainly to reach the public in general and explain the length of the ‘Proud to be Russian’ concept”. If Gérard Depardieu underlined that “time is the greatest luxury we can have”, only time will tell how far will the ‘Proud to be Russian’ project evolve.

Annual Exhibition

19th-23rd January 2015

WPHH – Route de Malagny 22 –  1294 Genthod (Switzerland)
Cvstos will host an event with Gérard Depardieu and Dani Pedrosa next week in Geneva.